I want the option to deposit the tokens inside a new airswap contract
The contract should allow deposits of tokens that will be sold, and the contract can allow eth as collateral, similar to uniswap, but with the option of adding eth to help raise price of token.
The contract should allow the buyer to choose if he wants that specific token be wrapped in eth, so the smart contract can charge a small fee for wrapping that token, and keeping a small 3% to help raise price for token.
The tokens should be consider erc777 under this smart contract only if they are erc223.
And the contract should buy back at 90% of what the user paid(only for deposited tokens inside the contract)
Also we should have the option to deposit any token inside that contract, and have the smart contact sell those tokens for us, so it can use the eth of those tokens as collateral and help increase the price of the tokens.