I opened 4 trades for NFT incl
my activity only show 2 of those
I envisage setting up a bunch
I would like to come to the Airswao dash board and be able to review all my open trade offers.
Is there an alert feature that the trade has been accepted?
It might be good to have a quick, counter offer, which populates the offer contract reverse.
When I created the NFT trade Airswap smoothly showed me the image metadata of the NFT. This is excellent well done. It would help to quickly review an NFT offer if by clicking on it, it brought a pop-up of that image metadata. especially as the offer superficially just shows the ERC721 contract/Token ID - One can paste this into OpenSea URL to review for example, but you are leaving the dApp and you might just want a quick visual to confirm you are doing what you think you are doing